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Rewa phone repair tools

Rewa phone repair tools
Welcome to REWA's cell phone parts wholesale accessories. We provide a wide range of accessories to retailers, distributors and operators at wholesale prices. Our high-end mobile phone accessories include wholesale mobile phone cases, leather cases, batteries, USB data cables,phone repair tools , screen protectors and even portable speakers.
As a distributor of wholesale mobile accessories everywhere, we provide accessories for various operators.
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We provide you with everything you need for your kiosk or store from a wholesaler. In addition, we provide you with high-quality accessories iPhone repair book, providing excellent customer service in every link from your order to the arrival of the product; therefore, let us have the opportunity to become your exclusive distributor of iPhone/iPod/iPad, Samsung accessories Business to help your business develop further!
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Fast 861DW rework station hot air station
The three regular channels are "CH1", "CH2" and "CH3". You can set parameters including the temperature and airflow of each channel.
Password protection and key lock function.
The actual operating time of the solenoid switch. When the hand is placed on the stand, it will go to sleep.
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Automatic sleep function. The parameters can be set in the sleep state.
Closed loop sensor. The quick 861dw temperature can be controlled from the zero voltage activation mode, and the adjustment is convenient, accurate, and stable, and is not affected by airflow.
High power and fast heating.
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Rewa phone repair tools

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