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Two brothers do not really ask too many questions Brake Lining

Two brothers do not really ask too many questions Brake Lining
Jean-Philippe Godeau as well as his brother Jean-Christophe grow around Mont-Ormel in Orne. Particularity of the plantation: the relief. 25 t of digestate produced daily! Hence the size of some of our equipment. Their exploitation totals 400 ha, 160 of which are generally cultivated. And yet, Jean-Philippe ensures that "seen the relief of the country of Auge, it is just not a luxury! Previously, I applied a series 7 215 h . Especially in the region! Adds the producer. Suddenly, it's as often matter to evacuate. The hilly slopes belonging to the Pays d'Auge require a highly effective tractor, especially to drag that 25, 000 l Samson slurry tanker. In parallel, they increase 750 cattle and 40 dairy cows that produce 400, 000 l regarding milk. Complete, to say that the driver has no to certainly the error!

That's why a couple of years ago, the farmers invested within a high-powered machine, a Deutz Fahr IN SEARCH OF series tractor..

Not to mention the THREE OR MORE t of grass and 2 of corn added to the daily ration to improve the methanogenic Brake Lining Suppliers power. Such power within a breeding, the choice surprised a few. "

In general, the two brothers do not really ask too many questions when it is vital to invest. In 2012, the size of their breeding had led them to set up an anaerobic digestion unit to produce electricity from animal manure. "Every day, the digester consumes 20 to. After a first appearance at Agritechnica in 2013, the 340 hp machine was the primary sold in France., and as saying that sometimes I used to be frightened. p . To tow the animal, you need a powerful and heavy machine to become safe and not penalize this flow of construction
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Two brothers do not really ask too many questions Brake Lining

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