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How To Make Gold in WoW Classic with Alchemy
Top 4 Tips to Play Well with Aion Classic
Final Fantasy 11 is still worth trying on 2021

How To Make Gold in WoW Classic with Alchemy
There are a lot of players out there who are preparing themselves for what The Burning Crusade has to offer in WoW Classic. Whilst a lot of this entails understanding what attunement methods are needed and farming as much WoW TBC gold as possible,there are a lot of methods! You can sell items in the auction house, run dungeons and slay enemies, and more! If you are tired of the long and boring farming process, you can also choose to (cliquez ici pour suivre le lien) buy WOW TBC Classic Gold with real-world money! Choose the best profession is also a vital part to earn money in Burning Crusade Classic.One such feature is Alchemy, which we will be introducing you to in this article.

About WoW TBC Alchemy

Alchemy – Alchemy is one of the A-tier professions for earning gold, Alchemy can craft powerful Potions, Elixirs, Flasks, and perform Transmutes to create reagents for other professions.

If you are considering using Alchemy on your WoW TBC Classic account, then you'll want to know more about the ins and outs first. In The Burning Crusade, Alchemy entails distilling ingredients such as herbs to be made into potions, elixirs and more. The skill can also be used if you have raw gems that you want to transmute for the sake of Jewelcrafting. They can also be used to convert elemental Primals into other kinds of Primals.

What Are Cauldrons?

There is a new product available in TBC with Alchemy known as the Cauldron. You have five different kinds of Cauldron, including the Cauldron of Major Fire Protection, Cauldron of Major Frost Protection, Cauldron of Major Nature Protection, Cauldron of Major Shadow Protection and Cauldron of Major Arcane Protection.

You have up to 25 Major protection potions available which depend on the Cauldron itself. You need to use a method know as Discovery if you are going to figure out what the recipes are.

Discovery Recipes

This is a brand-new technique to use to learn Alchemy recipes. This is where players are able to learn recipes through combines in Alchemy. You have recipes for Transmutes, Potions and Flasks that you need Discovery for. This adds a totally random factor to the whole of the method, since you don't need to worry about being at max level or have masteries of any kind to use it.

That being said, you will need to use a specific combination if you are looking to find out what the five new Cauldron recipes are. There are 25 relevant major protection potions for each Cauldron, and you will need to use combines of that certain potion and WoW TBC Classic items in order to discover it.

What Profession Should I Choose?

Naturally, you will want to know the best options for your character that can help to advance your Alchemy in WoW TBC even further. In this instance, you will want to focus on the Herbalism profession. The reason why these go well together in Outlands is that you will need herbs for everything except for Transmutes.

What Race/Class Should I Choose?

You can get +15 Herbalism with the Tauren that have the Cultivation racial. Another good choice would be Druids, since they are able to pick herbs as they are in the travel form as well. If you want another choice, then Rogues are useful with their ability to stealth their way past mobs to get the nodes you need.

These of course are just suggestions as to what race/class you should use. In reality, you will find that Alchemy has ways to help any race or class on your WoW TBC Classic account .

What Makes Alchemy Different in WoW TBC?

Though there haven't been any changes to the basics of Alchemy, there is still a few differences between TBC and retail. Firstly, finding Alchemy via Discovery is something that came about as part of The Burning Crusade. However, this was cancelled following Mists of Pandaria.

Also, The Burning Crusade focuses more on using the reputation vendors for Alchemy recipes too. You will find that Cauldrons aren't present in Shadowlands, nor are they in the majority of the other expansions for the game. What's more, Shadowlands didn't have an Alchemy lab that was needed. However, in The Burning Crusade, you need the Alchemy Lab is need for the Alchemist's Stone.

Therefore, as you can see, there are some cool features when it comes to using Alchemy in WoW TBC . It is a great alternative from looking after earning WoW TBC gold as much as possible. The Cauldrons in particular are particularly interesting to use, given what they are capable of. You can even use them to distribute protection potions that can be used for your whole raid. With new and improved trinkets to add to the appeal of Alchemy, you should certainly consider dedicating some time to it. Now that you know how to progress forward with the right races and professions, you can make the most of what Alchemy in WoW TBC has to offer.
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Top 4 Tips to Play Well with Aion Classic
Aion Classic has been launched in the Americas on June 23rd, which keeps the same game contents, BM items and service format being provided in Korea as closely as possible. One of the ways Aion Online has tried to combat in-game inflation is by putting a hard cap on the amount of money earned in Aion Classic, that cap being one million Kinah a day, through whatever means available regarding game features.

Once you’re in, get rolling on the following challenges:
- First to reach level 50
- First Brigade General of the First Legion to capture a fortress
- First to reach 1-Star Officer Rank
- First to gain Slayer buff through PvP
- First team to slay Kromede the Corrupt
- First team to slay Brigade General Bakarma
Of course, things will go more quickly if you’ve already installed Classic and created your character, which you can do via the NCSoft client ahead of time.

Try Hard to get enough Aion Classic Kinah in inventory
Aion Classic kinah (cliquez ici pour suivre le lien) is central to the game as it allows the purchase of skins, pets, and house decors, get better weapons and armor and other numerous items. Of course, you can make Kinah throughout the game. By doing daily quests, events and killing mobs. What’s more, you can get Kinah with the best crafting professions, including Weaponsmith, Armorsmith, Handicrafting and Tailoring. Creating gear or preparing the crafting materials for others has always been prevalent in MMORPG titles. Learn the crafting profession that is the closest to your skill path, or the one you need for a quest. Level it up for it to be high enough for you to craft high-level gear, and sell it via Broker and then you can get rich. If you are tired of farming and crafting, you can look for a trustworthy website like mmopixel.com.

Do not worry about your Abyss points
Abyss points are required if you want to purchase Siel’s Buff. Otherwise, you do not need to worry about spending your Abyss Points. There are a few ways that can help you earn Abyss Points. These include completing quests in the Abyss, killing monsters, completing tasks, and capturing forts.

Ways to Earn Abyss Points
In Order to purchase gear in The Abyss players will need to spend Abyss Points. For example, if you want to buy Siel’s Buff, you need to care about rushing your Abyss Points. There are a lot of useful ways to earn Abyss Points, if you are lacking them, you can try these into practice, including capturing Forts and Artifacts, completing quests in the Abyss, Killing Players, Completing Objectives and also Killing Monsters.

Join a group to make your journey more efficient
As the old saying says, there is strength in numbers. Needless to say, by forming a team, you can access instances and tasks together. In this way, it will make your journey back to Aion more efficient. In a word, do not ignore the importance of having a group in the Aion Classic.
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Final Fantasy 11 is still worth trying on 2021

In October 2003, Final Fantasy XI was released for the PC in North America, and by March 2004, players could also access it on their PlayStation 2. Nearly 18 years after its launch, FFXI still has a robust player base, with over 1 million subscribers and nearly 100K daily players. There's obviously something about it that's managed to keep players interested and engaged. Final Fantasy XIV, on the other hand, was originally released in September 2010 and did exceptionally poorly in almost every aspect.

Final Fantasy 11 was tough as nails. The version we can play in 2021 is accommodating, the end result of nearly two decades of quality of life improvements. But the early days were no joke. Every death would take a huge chunk of your experience—sometimes enough to de-level you and leave you naked, suddenly out leveled by your equipment. The difficulty galvanized the community, though, this subscription-based trial by fire. Suffering through a game is one thing, but suffering through it together with a tight-knit group of friends is an entirely different experience. And (cliquez ici pour suivre le lien) enough FFXI Gil will help you get more fun in-game.

FFXI allows players to choose out of a handful of weapons and gear for each job, with some weapons being better options than others. FFXI also uses a sub-job system that allows main jobs to use up to half the skills of their sub-job. It allows for a wider variety of types since players can choose which sub-job will serve them best in any given situation.

In Final Fantasy XI, players need to form parties themselves by either starting a party and recruiting or advertising themselves as potential party members. It's been easier to get by without the community since the Trust system was released, which allows FFXI players to solo-level like never before, but there's still a huge focus on exploring the world. Several quests (such as the Artifact Gear quests) require players to find specific locations. Most importantly, however, parties in FFXI need extensive knowledge of maps and the monsters found on each map to generate a reliable leveling strategy. Parties mostly rely on experience point chains to gain levels, so knowing safe spots with an abundant population of good monsters is essential.

Rather than trying to reinvent itself or remain a shrine to its younger self, Final Fantasy 11 has done something unique among MMOs: it's aged with its players, slowly reshaping itself to offer new adventures alongside nostalgia. "One of the major factors that affected FF11 from its release to now was FF14," Matsui said. "FF11 was released as Square's first MMORPG and we were trying to get people interested in this new genre we were exploring. After FF14's release as the latest MMORPG in Square Enix's roster at the time, we wanted to focus on people who still wanted to play an old-school MMORPG with FF11, and see what we could do to cater to that crowd."

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How To Make Gold in WoW Classic with Alchemy
Top 4 Tips to Play Well with Aion Classic
Final Fantasy 11 is still worth trying on 2021

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