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Defense is equivalent to failure in the future
Military competition between China and America

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Advantages of Laser Cladding Technology

Advantages of Laser Cladding Technology
Compared to other cladding techniques (such as spray tungsten carbide, tungsten carbide spray plasma spray or arc welding), laser cladding is a unique process with fundamental differences in its application. The use of usb laser pointer cladding, a highly focused heat source, has a large impact on the finished product. Laser cladding has many advantages due to its low heat input, high cure rate and accurate process control.

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All metallurgical bonding, no spalling, chipping, cracking: Laser cladding has a complete metallurgical bond with the substrate, which means it does not peel or crack like a plasma or thermal spray coating. Little or no voids or porosity: Unlike plasma or thermal spray, laser cladding coating is suitable for fully dense coatings. The low heat input process greatly reduces thermal distortion: laser cladding inputs less than 20% of the heat compared to arcs that cover the same part. The thermal deformation reduction of this component is significant. In many cases, in order to solve the thermal deformation problem, fewer subsequent operations, such as machining and straightening, are required. Thin-walled parts that cannot be covered with an arc can be coated with a 488nm laser pointer due to low heat and deformation.

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Small heat affected zone: Due to the reduced heat input, the heat affected zone is greatly reduced, increasing the strength of the component. Very low dilution: Low heat input also reduces the dilution of the cladding. Reducing the mixing of the base metal and the coating means a purer coating with better metallurgical properties and higher corrosion and wear resistance.

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Release Cladding: Due to the lower dilution rate, a thinner coating (compared to arc welding) can impart the same wear or corrosion properties. This can significantly reduce the cost of cladding materials. High solidification speed: Since the solidification speed is fast and the heat input is low, materials such as carbides can be added to greatly improve the wear resistance of the coating. Conventional arc welding processes melt carbide particles. The ability to traditionally "non-weldable" materials: low heat input and fast curing can be coated with materials such as carbon steel or nickel-based superalloys. These materials are difficult or impossible to weld using conventional welding techniques.

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Excellent process control, better layer thickness control and surface treatment: waterproof laser pointer cladding provides better control of layer thickness, coating of thinner coatings and better surface finish. The ability to apply a closer net shape coating reduces the amount of finishing required and reduces the amount of excess coating material applied. Infinite Cladding Thickness: Multiple coatings can be applied to achieve any thickness. High repeatability and process stability: Automated control of the process provides excellent parameter control for good process stability and reliable, repeatable results.

High deposition rate: High deposition rates can be achieved, especially with hot wire technology, which can reduce application time. Greatly extend the life of parts: Compared to plasma or thermal spraying and arc welding, laser cladding has excellent corrosion resistance and wear resistance, which greatly extends the life of parts. One of the many advantages of the laser cladding process is that it is compatible with a wide range of material choices, either in wire or powder form; the options for material properties are almost endless.

Material selection: Powder offers virtually unlimited potential for changing alloy composition, allowing the use of carbides and other forms of wire that are not available. Material Capture: Unlike powders, when material is coated with wire filler material, no wasted material. Lower material costs: The cost of wire filler material is much lower than the same material in powder form. Unaffected by gravity: the wire is not affected by gravity and is not affected by the powder, so unsuitable coating can be achieved. 2-5 times higher deposition rate using hot wire: preheating the wire before it enters the bath reduces the laser energy required to melt the fill material, thereby achieving higher deposition using the same military laser pointer power rate.

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Defense is equivalent to failure in the future

The base of laser weapon

The emergence of new high technology, is to promote the human war from mechanization to information transformation of the fundamental motivation. With the development of science and technology, human tend to use burning laser weapons as a new generation with high energy density beam instead of the conventional bullet new concept weapon. According to report, the use of laser weapons divided into combat tactical laser weapons and strategic laser weapons in two categories. They mainly have the following three characteristics: short reaction time, irradiation speed, high accuracy.The laser weapon can be a powerful light at the speed of light in a straight line to dozens or even hundreds of thousands of kilometers away, can instantly destroyed it, even to the other side of the intercontinental missile to destroy a boost in the rising stage. Laser weapon is different from the traditional weapons, so both weapons damage or destruction are alarming. The laser weapon will trigger a new revolution in military technology, provide new operational tools for the future war. The final will completely change the future form of war.

30000mw Blue Laser HTPOW

Since human beings came out, war has been accompanied by the development of human society today. The war also promoted the development and progress of human science and technology of the weapons to bring people in the disaster at the same time, the development of human weapons after the Cold War era, the hot weapons and nuclear weapons era, officially entered the era of high powered laser weapons. According to foreign media reports, the German Rhine metal defense company developed an advanced laser weapon, called "sky guards", capable of shooting down 2 miles (about 3.2 kilometers) outside of the uav. This report sparked people's attention, so how a new concept laser weapon affect the future war?

Laser Weapon Will Change The Future

Modern information warfare in the future, with a new concept weapon forces are often able to obtain greater initiative, the opposite may be faced with the difficult situation of passive. therefore Who mastered the new concept 100mw Laser Pointer weapon who will grasp the initiative in future wars. Of course, any kind of weapons are not universal, but for the country no new concept weapons is absolutely not. This will not have weapons to use such weapons, is only a means of power between the military balance. If humans or perish. Comprehensive use of such weapons.

Welcome to join the new concept of laser weapons and other weapons of war and future discussions.

Laser weapon is based on advanced science and technology , with strong economic strength as the foundation, widely used which limits the concept of laser weapons. Some small and weak countries, possession of such weapons is difficult in the short term, that is to say these weapons will be some power on the battlefield "patent" weapons. Now, only the United States, Russia, Germany, China powers are studied, as well as news reports of a country has deployed such 200mw Laser Pointer weapons, but as the height of the national military secrets outside could not be confirmed. Development of laser weapons and the use of power, to a certain extent, is also seeking more advantages in science and technology, to achieve the shock of deterrent effect, and ultimately achieve the ability to fight the Zhibing.


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Military competition between China and America

The powerful burning laser weapon

By the end of 2014, Shanghai Institute of Optics had developed "Shenguang" ultra short and ultra powerful burning laser , its output power has come up to 1000 trillion watts , this is the most powerful laser weapon in the world!.They have made a solid foundation for the development of the laser

Chinese super power solid-state laser is a world-class, use it emitted laser beam at a distance of 3, 000 kilometers per square centimeter 35K joules of energy density, the energy density is more powerful than the necessary for the missile attack damage.Its attack laser radar effective lethality of more than 30 thousand km. This is due to the 2.2 MW super power solid laser and 300 thousand km per second and intelligent control of the two key technology breakthroughs.

 Attack 10000mw Blue Laser Pointer Pen 450nm

German media said, China is the the most powerful opponents for United States in the development of 5000mw Laser weapon ". Military expert Li Jie said, China's laser weapon level in the world, among the best".

Some international military observers say China is developing a heavy strategic laser weapon system used to destroy enemy military satellites and space stations for military purposes in wartime ".

It can be used to destroy enemy ground fixed silos, mobile nuclear missiles and underwater nuclear submarine.American laser weapons can not be applied to the real battlefield, it can only serve as a deterrent against the enemy's psychological and strategic. In recent years, the U.S. military has paid more attention to solid laser weapons.

German ultra powerful laser weapon

There are two problems the United States could not break through, super - power solid Red Laser Pointer and target locking and missile tracking technology due to the MW super power solid laser (Note: more than 20 Watt laser column array the United States limit to our export) and intelligent high speed control loop of the development of success, so that China has the super distance attack of laser radar, developed by China Super distance the powerful attacks of laser radar.

The Chinese Attack Laser Pointer radar volume are still very large, up to 10 tons, the lack of strong instantaneous super energy battery, is easy to be affected by weather conditions, particles and water vapor in the air,How to mounted attack laser radar on a satellite, is a goal which our country is currently in full research, if the laser energy weapons to improve an order of magnitude, the attack laser radar will be mounted on the moon!

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Advantages of Laser Cladding Technology
Defense is equivalent to failure in the future
Military competition between China and America

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