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Waste can be transformed into prime Filter Presses
They aimed to remove the cap within the Filter Presses

Waste can be transformed into prime Filter Presses

At the end of 2014, the Norwegian company Velde Pukk, which specializes inside production and installation of asphalt along with BPE, acquired this new CDE development and demolition waste washing as well as recycling facility.

The machine represents one belonging to the largest mechanical installations designed as well as manufactured by CDE, which required no less than 55 trucks for delivery in addition to assembly. After aggressive washing in the two AggMax settlers, recycled aggregates that has a grain size between 4 plus 90 mm Filter Presses Manufacturers are transferred towards ProGrade P2-108 classification screen. With this device, waste can be transformed into prime quality sand and aggregates which they can display in a wide range connected with applications.

The CDE facility, on the Sandnes quarry operated through Velde Pukk, also processes materials in the site's hard rock mining exercises. The process is as follows: materials with a grain sizing between 0 and 90 mm suffer two AggMax 151 modular sludge diggers as well as a pre-screening device isolates 0 to 4 mm material that's conveyed to the EvoWash crushed lime stone washing plant 201. The 2 main AggMaxs are further equipped which has a filter screen at the backside that eliminates light materials and organic waste contained in the recycled product.. The machine has a capacity of 3 HUNDRED t / h.It really is in Norway that the vendor of CDE washing facilities provided a brand new machine for cleaning and these recycling waste from construction and demolition.

The sand produced during the wear phase can also be transferred to the EvoWash sand washing system so that you can maximize the production of recyclable materials based on construction and demolition waste

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Waste can be transformed into prime Filter Presses
They aimed to remove the cap within the Filter Presses

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