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Have won the Champions League and Serie A championships."

Have won the Champions League and Serie A championships."
Juve has hidden dangers and will be over 30 years old. General: There is no such thing as C Ronaldo.
This summer, Juventus was very strong in the transfer
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market, and the Zebra Legion introduced C Ronaldo and Bonucci and other strengths. However, the current Juve, there is a problem of older age, because 10 players in the team lineup are over 30 years old, which shows that Juventus has become a veritable "old woman." Although Allegri's team has C Ronaldo, Juventus defense general Chiellini pointed out that having Ronaldo does not mean that the team has won the Champions League.

Juve¡¯s main force is generally too old

At present, Juventus, the phenomenon of ¡°aging¡± is indeed very serious. According to statistics, there are 10 veterans in the zebra army group who are over 30 years old. Among them, Barzagli is the oldest, he is 37 years old, for many players, this age has been retired, therefore, Barzagli insisted that it is not easy now. Ronaldo and Chiellini are 33 years old, but their status is good, Ronaldo is one of the best offensive players in the European League, and Chiellini is the best defense in the European League. One of the players.

In Juventus, Manjukiqi is 32 years old, and another five players are 31
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years old, including Marchisio, Bonucci, Khedira, Tuidi and Benatia, while Quadrado Also already 30 years old. It can be seen that these 10 players are basically the backbone of Juventus's defense, but they have reached or exceeded 30 years old. In the long season, how Allegri's allocation of players' physical strength will be a key. If he can't balance well, Juve's combat power may be affected during the season's final stage. Therefore, the veteran is too much Juventus impact season. The main bottleneck of the Triple Crown.

Juventus veteran Chiellini was interviewed. In his opinion, the new aid will help the team, but it does not mean that Juventus can win the Champions League and Serie A championships. "New players? Obviously, Italian players will be even more Custom Football Jerseys Easy to integrate into the team, Kansello needs self-discipline, he took an important step, his strength is above average, so he can give us a lot of help. C Ronaldo? We will welcome him very much. Ronaldo can boost our energy and improve our level, but that doesn't mean we have won the Champions League and Serie A championships."

Chiellini also commented on the team's pre-season training. "We have been preparing for the 15-day pre-season and have had a fierce competition. We have passed the Juventus spirit to the new players through our feet. We will rest now. A few days, then gather on Wednesday to prepare for the new season
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Have won the Champions League and Serie A championships."

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