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Dak Prescott Jerseys Mason Foster instead

Dak Prescott Jerseys Mason Foster instead
Scout¡¯s Eye: A Favorable Matchup For Witten; A Challenge For Scandrick
Thursday, October 26, 2017 12:03 PM CDT

Here is my weekly look at the Ezekiel Elliott Jerseys two biggest matchups I think will swing this divisional game between the Cowboys and the Redskins.

Dallas Cowboys TE Jason Witten vs. Washington Redskins S D.J. Swearinger

This is potentially a really Dez Bryant Jerseys bad matchup for the Redskins. Swearinger is a good, ¡°down in the box¡± player. Put him around the line and he is going to find ways to make plays. He¡¯s a physical player and willing hitter, but his coverage skills are poor to say the least.

Swearinger really doesn¡¯t run all that well and when he has to carry receivers he cheap dak prescott jersey is generally a step or two behind. Opponents have found ways to take advantage of him when matched up. I think Washington defensive coordinator Greg Manusky has to be careful in how he plays this one. We could see him use linebackers Zach Brown or Dak Prescott Jerseys Mason Foster instead of Swearinger, but regardless, he is going to have a tough time with Witten.

Look for Witten to continue Dallas Cowboys Jersey to work the middle of the field. He might not be able to completely run away from Swearinger, but his ability to find space on the move will put him in a bind. Swearinger really has trouble staying with his man and as much tape as Witten studies before the game, he will know which of his moves will work the best.

Keep an eye on this matchup in the red zone.
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Dak Prescott Jerseys Mason Foster instead

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