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Stop your child from gambling!

Stop your child from gambling!
All kids need to be aware of the danger of gambling.

Ever since mankind has walked the earth, gambling has existed. Its is been a hard time, through the history of france. Lots of kings has despaired to the cards.

In 2021 however, gambling is more advanced. Its everywhere, and you can bet on all.

Is it dangerous? If you can handle yourself, no. If you are the type of person to lose $1000 only to take 5000$ in loans to pay it back, then yeah its dangerous.

The page (cliquez ici pour suivre le lien) lets you find where you should not gamble.

If you are like me and want safe, good sites, go check out casinot.org. Its even an .org, they can't be dangerous at all! So stay safe, gamble what you can lose and love to everyone.
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Stop your child from gambling!

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